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Welcome to Santa Luzia, our polystyrene mouldings offer the best of both worlds

Santa Luzia is one of the America's market leaders for sustainable, eco-friendly baseboards, mouldings and millwork. With us, sustainability is not an excuse to compromise on price or quality.

  • a. Design and Aesthetics: In addition to our green credentials, our baseboards and mouldings have great design and aesthetics that deliver value for our contractors and builders. Our customers buy our products for aesthetic appeal but are also pleasantly surprised to know we are green and sustainable.
  • b. Wide Variety of Colors and Sizes: We support a wide variety of colors and sizes since we believe no architect or designer should feel constrained because they do not have the right moulding. We manage our supply chain to deliver variety to our customers.
  • c. Moisture Resistant, Longer Life and Less Wear and Tear: Our product resists moisture and extreme temperature swings, does not swell and shrink, and is termite proof. It does not chip or rot like wood. We support our products in select regions through a strong warranty program to show the strength of our promise.
  • d. Competitive costs: We are a lean organization and conduct a lot of direct distribution. We minimize overhead costs to optimize our supply chain and deliver a competitive product.

  • a. Easy to Install: We are conscious that our customers value their time and charge for it. We have made the entire installation process easy and less time consuming. See our installation video here.
  • b. Investment in our partners: We support our customers, contractors and builders with superior customer service and work with them as partners to support their businesses. We help them with ideas, tools and training to enhance their ability to deliver value for their customers - the developers and owners of buildings.

  • a. We have mastered the process of recycling PS Foam and have harnessed it to deliver construction quality mouldings.
  • b. Our products offer additional environmental benefits. They have inferior VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) indices, promoting indoor air quality.

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