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The sprawling baseboard manufacturing factory of Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia in the Market

Santa Luzia is one of the Americas’ market leaders for sustainable eco-friendly baseboards, mouldings and millwork. Since 2002 Santa Luzia has been using fully recycled polystyrene to make high quality, elegant design.

Baseboards that combine Traditionality with Quality

Since 1942, when João Effting created Santa Luzia Mirrors Factory in Braço do Norte (SC), Brazil, Santa Luzia Mouldings has focused on classical taste and design for traditional homes. In 1996, the family began exporting wood mouldings to the United States from Brazil. Santa Luzia’s commitment to design and quality is reflected in its wide array of products.
2002 - A turning point: Green Technology marries Tradition Concerned about rising deforestation and global warming, Santa Luzia gradually started exploring alternative raw materials for producing mouldings. While plastic mouldings made of PVC were an option, there was a large gap in the quality, design and appearance between these and traditional wood mouldings. Thus Santa Luzia continued its search to find the ideal renewable process to combine its eco-friendly ideals and elegant design and quality.
EPS (PS Foam) Moulding In 2002, Santa Luzia mastered the process of compacting EPS (PS Foam) residues, allowing them to produce cost-competitive mouldings from this bulky raw material. The mouldings that resulted were wood-like and of high quality and rigidity, but contained all the attributes of plastic moulding: washable, impact-proof and termite-proof. Moreover, the consumer did not have to choose between eco-friendly principles and a commitment to visual excellence.
Presence in the United States Santa Luzia first established itself in the Brazil market. Building on our success, we first became active in the United States in 2012 and went on to set up permanent operations in the market in 2017.

For every molding our consumer buys from us, a tree is saved somewhere.
When they buy our baseboards we are also gifting a better planet for all our children.

Cite - Founder of Santa Luzia