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Santa Luzia completes 75 years!

With every passing year, Santa Luzia shines brighter than ever

75 years of dedicated work and love for art

Born in 1942 in Braço do Norte, SC, Brazil, was a small mirrors’ factory, fruit of João Effting's determined efforts and unbridled passion. Following his father's footsteps, his eldest son Heriberto Effting soon joined the family business. He, backed by his entrepreneurial vision decided to invest in the business by buying a line of small machines to produce frames that will adorn the mirrors produced by Santa Luzia. On 14 April 1980, Mr. Heriberto Effting received the title of "Industrial of the Year", conferred upon him by the City Prefecture.

Heriberto Effting married Nilza Kindermann Effting and had two daughters, Sonia and Angela. Born to them were Marcos, Gustavo, Patricia and Paulo - the current generation of the Effting family.

The expansion and the new business model

In 1996, Santa Luzia Mirrors’ Factory changed its corporate name to Santa Luzia Industry. The registration change allowed for production and commercialization of decorative mouldings for the construction, architecture, decoration, furniture industry and the market of wood frames and recycled raw material frames.

For more than 60 years the home décor industry has used only wood as a raw material. But the past 15 years has been marked by the phenomenon of recycling. The new model adopted by Santa Luzia was wholly based on environmental, economic and social objectives. During this period, the company processed more than 14 million kilograms of expanded polystyrene (PS Foam) and polyurethane waste.

In addition to radically changing the sources of its raw materials, Santa Luzia also expanded its product line and today it has a much more diverse portfolio with four thousand commercial points of sale and presence in 400 cities in Brazil and several other major cities across the globe. Around 10% of its production is exported to countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Japan Chile and USA.

Thanks to its product's market success, Santa Luzia has grown at an accelerated pace. Having developed the ability to manufacture and commercialize products using recycled raw materials constantly at a rate of around 1,000 tons per month, Santa Luzia, with its unwavering focus on sustainability, seeks and strives to continually achieve market solutions that contribute to the environment by creating and developing socially responsible and ecologically suitable products with high quality standards.

Santa Luzia Industry, from the dreams of João Effting to the reality of the fourth generation, is indeed a result of 75 years of dedicated work and love for art.