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Hear from our partners

Danielle Milam

Vice President, Titebond

"Santa Luzia is pioneering the repurposing of recycled plastics, and transforming them into moldings that provide both form and function. We are excited to see that their innovative products will now be available in the US market, and proud for Titebond adhesives and sealants to be associated with the installation of Santa Luzia’s visionary offerings."


Hear from our customers

At Santa Luzia, we believe our customers are our best ambassadors. We work with several architects, interior decorators, builders and remodelers around the world. Many of our customers have been with us for decades. We take a lot of pride in their success and are constantly thinking about how to help them succeed. They in turn have patronized our products and have been our spokespersons in the market place.

Here are a few testimonials from them:

Marcelo Rosset


"Thinking about current design and concepts is thinking about Santa Luzia products. With sustainable appeal, striking color and design, they are my choice."


Barbara Dundes


"Sustainability and aesthetic appeal are the basis of selection for all my projects. That's why I use Santa Luzia products, which are still practical and come with excellent durability."


Marcelo Salum


"Santa Luzia has been a part of my projects for a long time. I believe that sustainable products need to be beautiful and modern as well. So this company is my choice."


Andrea Teixeira and Fernanda Negrelli


"When we saw the brand's beautiful baseboards and moldings and got to know that they were produced from PS Foam, we were ecstatic. We admire the work and believe in Santa Luzia which manufactures materials that don't harm our environment but add beauty in our day to day life."


Hear from our suppliers

To serve the American market, we are expanding our distribution and retail presence across the country. We are looking for you. Click here

Here are a few testimonials of the our suppliers:

Mr. Marcelo Cenacchi

General Director - Sayerlack

"There is a lot of innovation involved when it comes to the disposal of wood and sustainable raw materials, and Sayerlack stays ahead of the curve by forging partnerships with clients such as Santa Luzia, which offers best quality end products."


Humberto Barbosa Lima

General Director - Dioxyl

"We find in Santa Luzia a reliable partner to take our products to clients who demand supreme quality. With the help of their partnership, we are able to harness new technologies that come with efficiency, quality and socio-environmental responsibility."


Elton Heidemann and Eder Heidemann

General Director - Gráfica JK

"Santa Luzia is an excellent client. They honor their commitments and motivate us to invest in improving printing processes, finishes and deliveries. Our relationship sets an example for [others] to follow. The waste as PS Foam generated here finds its destination at Santa Luzia as it is donated/ marketed to them for recycling. They are indeed a valuable customer for large production chain companies."