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Santa Luzia Mouldings: Extra Large Mouldings.

We help our customers move away from the tyranny of limited options of sizes and dimensions.

Typical moulding dimensions in the United States are as below

• Most baseboards sold in the United States are between ½-1 inch thick and 3-8 inches tall. A standard 8-foot wall typically has a baseboard 3 to 5 inches tall, while a 10-foot ceiling calls for a 5-7 inch baseboard.

Crown moulding is typically proportional to baseboard moulding. Generally, the taller the baseboard, the taller the crown, and vice versa. A standard 8-foot wall would be overpowered by a large ornate crown. Mouldings at this height typically range between 3 and 5 inches. Taller walls up to 10 feet require larger mouldings. A 10-foot wall can handle mouldings between 5 and 7 inches. For taller walls, combinations of mouldings may be built up to create a composite that is unique to that installation.

Chair rails run horizontally along the wall at about the height of the top of a typical wooden chair, or about 36 inches. They are frequently installed in combination with wainscot, which is a wood paneling that covers the lower third of the wall's height. Most chair rail ranges from 1 ½ to 3 inches. Typically chair rail is smaller than door and window casings, and about half the size of the crown or baseboard.

Casing is a flat moulding that frames door and window openings. Casing is typically flat along the outside edge with a design that tapers toward the inside of the frame. It usually smaller than a baseboard, but can be as wide as a baseboard is tall. When selecting casing width, consider the contrast of your paint or color scheme. A higher contrast will make mouldings stand out, and wider mouldings may become overpowering. Since casing is as much a horizontal visual as it is vertical, the width is not as tied to the size of the room, although larger rooms with higher ceilings do call for somewhat wider casings. Standard casings are 3 to 4 ½ inches. Older homes, such as Victorian style houses, frequently have casing as wide as 6 inches.

Non-Standard sizes and shapes from Santa Luzia

We are aware that for architects, designers and remodelers, the choice of unique styles is an important consideration. We carry several non-standard sizes of baseboards and mouldings. Search our entire catalog by product type, size and color.