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Santa Luzia Mouldings: Flood-proof Mouldings

A flood may expose baseboards to extreme moisture and temperature swings. Wood, whether a part of flooring or baseboards, reacts even to changes within the normal range in moisture and temperature.

Floods are unfortunately a common occurrence in many states in the US. They come with huge economic and social impact. Damage to wooden baseboards can even happen with waterlogging in your basement after heavy rain.

Floods destroy wooden baseboards

Most wooden baseboards do not survive a flood. A flood advisory of the Allegheny county Pittsburgh has this to say on recovering wooden baseboards after a flood:

Most ceilings and walls are covered with wallboard, especially in newer homes. Wallboard acts like a sponge, drawing water up above the flood level. It becomes very fragile if it stays wet for long and will fall apart when bumped. When the wallboard finally dries, there will still be mud and contaminants dried inside. Wallboard that has been soaked by floodwater can be a permanent health hazard.

Santa Luzia - A global leader in flood-proof baseboards, manufactured from recycled polystyrene

Santa Luzia’s polystyrene baseboards are water resistant and match the visual appeal of wood.

This unique combination allows Santa Luzia to offer a credible alternative to wood and MDF mouldings in areas of the United States where flooding is common.

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