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Picture frame mouldings (Boiseries)

Boiserie is a term used to refer to the decorations on the covering of the walls with wooden panels, variously inlaid, engraved or carved. Boiseries were very popular in France in the 17th and 18th centuries for interior decoration. In the Versailles Palace there are numerous examples of this type of decoration. The panels were often not only wall decorations but also of doors, partitions and séparé. Very often the paintings were embedded in the boiserie that was therefore a frame for painting or bas-relief. The term boiserie is also sometimes used to refer to coatings with wood panels not necessarily decorated, but still enriched by the usage of frames. For contemporary furnishings there are also boiseries in stucco or ceramic plaster, created specially by stuccos.

The picture frame mouldings are square and rectangular frames that can be used to create wall panels for Boiseries/Wainscoting. Here at Santa Luzia Mouldings, we have a complete collection of the picture frame mouldings, produced using polystyrene (PS Foam) for mounting Wainscoting. Why cut and miter individual moulding strips? Use simple, readymade, one-piece ready to install sections to add elegance and to enhance the beauty of your living room. And importantly, all Santa Luzia products are finished but also accept finishing. You can do the finishing in a variety of options such as paint or even faux applications such as antiquing.

Short tip: Please do note that the spacing between panels, room corners and doors should be balanced and consistent. There are no specific rules on how to design the layout of the panels (you can go by your individual preferences and take a decision).

Here are a couple of pictures showing use of picture frame mouldings (Boiseries).

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