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Santa Luzia Mouldings: Pre-painted Mouldings

Color, which Color?

Most Moulding sold in stores is White in Color. We love White Moulding but we believe it should be a conscious decision. There is probably a reason why people prefer White Mouldings as the default option. One reason is pure and simple lack of attention: Whether simple or ornate, interior trim is a finishing touch that often doesn’t get much thought, frequently being left the color it’s always been without consideration of the multitude of beautiful alternatives. It could also be that much of moulding is wood and it has to be painted and that is additional work.

Using White Moulding

However White could be a deliberate choice. When paired with colorful walls and accents, white trim becomes a bold, fresh focal point, as well as a frame to highlight each room without clashing with the different colors of a space. Paired with a neutral wall color, white trim highlights the surrounding undertones so the walls don’t look colorless, while still bringing in a slight modern edge. It’s also a good choice in a space with lots of wood, because it maintains a contemporary look. Santa Luzia offers a wide variety of white moulding through its multiple Art Deco, Classic, Inova and Modern lines.

Here are some great colors from Santa Luzia and some examples of how our customers have used them

Black is Beautiful

Whoever said, "Black is Beautiful", was right. It’s timeless, so unlike with other bold colors, you don’t have to worry that it will grow dated quickly. Black trim is at its most classic and lively when paired with simple finishes like a wood floor and pale walls. A black crown moulding frames the ceiling, highlighting details like beautiful lighting, medallions and other features. Alternatively, you can leave the baseboard black and use different colored mouldings for the crown if you want to contrast it with wood floors or cabinets.
Look at our entire Black Line here.

Metallic Colors

Gold, Copper and Silver; Titanium Grey and Rust

Metallic colors like Gold, Copper and Silver often add an antique charm if properly deployed. They can also be functional and modern like Titanium Gray. Rust is a dark brown shade that can make your home stand out in unique ways.

Inspired by the Sea and Snow

Minimum Marine

This is a dash of the blue-green shade of the sea, giving you the refreshing feeling of being at the beach. This also goes perfectly with vinyl floors and Laminate flooring.

Glacial Gray

This moulding goes perfectly with Vinyl floors and laminate flooring. It gives you a glacier-like smoothness and helps to finish vinyl or laminate flooring.

Wood-like Finish and Colors: Have your cake and eat it too!

Wood trim can be anything from rustic to modern, depending on the tone and finish of the wood. It adds a deeper sense of texture, making the room feel more welcoming. Wood is ideal if you want to add an element of warmth and your space needs a little extra texture. Santa Luzia gives you a wood-like texture and finish through its reserve line without actually using wood.

Dark Ipe

This color gives you a tropical feel. Ipe is a wood that grows in the Amazon of Brazil. Bring the tropics into your living room through the look and feel of Dark Ipe Baseboards and mouldings by Santa Luzia.


Maple or Acer, is a genus of trees and shrubs belonging to the family Sapindaceae. The white maple is the state tree of Wisconsin, Vermont, New York and West Virginia. Get a feel of the Mid-Atlantic right in your living room by installing Santa Luzia’s maple range of baseboards and at the same time boast of contributing to nature!


Ebony grows in West Africa and Southern India. Relish in these dark shades through our rich Ebony reserve mouldings.


Cumaru is Being a native to Central America and northern South America, this tree is unique for its tonka beans. Connect with the positive energy and wellness of the Cumaru tree without deforestation by switching to Santa Luzia’s eco-friendly baseboards.

White Patina

Patina is the weathered or tarnished finish on an item. Antique objects look special because of the layer of patina. Interior decorators, architects, etc often incorporate the patina look on even modern objects to give the look of an antique. Santa Luzia has developed a unique white patina look to provide the antique touch to its mouldings which many of our customers with classic taste appreciate.