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Laminate Flooring

If you are a Laminate floor buyer or if your client is thinking of installing laminate flooring, it means he wants the wood or stone look without the maintenance problems associated with wood and stone and at competitive prices. These are some of the advantages of Laminate Flooring that Spruce talks about (Link):

  • Laminate flooring faithfully reproduces the look of wood, stone, and other natural materials. Unlike real hardwood, which comes with many imperfect pieces that need to be discarded or re-engineered, there are no defects in laminate flooring. Every board is of consistent quality and appearance.
  • Unlike wood, which can dent, laminate flooring is almost impervious to dents and scratches. Laminate flooring has a "wear layer" that protects the photographic layer underneath. Some manufacturers, DuPont in particular, give very generous 10+ year warranties on the wear layer. Laminate flooring's tough surface resists stains. And if you do get a stain, it is easy to clean off.
  • Laminate flooring can be installed in semi-moist areas like powder rooms, kitchens, and other places where you encounter "topical moisture," as flooring manufacturer Mannington calls it. As long as the boards are tight against each other, leaving no avenue for moisture, laminate can resist some water.
  • Easy to clean. Just use a vacuum or broom. Mop with a slightly damp mop or better yet, laminate floor cleaner. No floor waxing is ever necessary.
  • Laminate installs fast and easy. Fast: you can install 300 square feet in one weekend. Older types of laminate flooring required you to glue pieces to each other. Today's types of laminate flooring have a click/lock or fold/lock design that allows planks to fit together like puzzle pieces. Easy: since the planks are constructed of soft particleboard, they can be cut with a hand saw or even a utility knife.

Wood-like Polystyrene moldings from Santa Luzia perfectly complement the value proposition of Laminate Flooring. Similar to Laminate, they tend to combine the look of wood with the ease of installation, moisture resistance, dent resistance, stain resistance, ease of cleaning etc.

While all Polystyrene moldings come pre-painted, specific wood textured moldings may be even more suited to the laminate floor buyer - the similarity to the appearance of wood is really close. What’s more, you can get the kind of wood you are looking for without felling a single tree. Check out our wood textured moldings here and our wider variety of pre-painted moldings here.

Five unique wood-like textured moldings from Santa Luzia:

1. Ipe is wood found in Brazilian Amazon. Ipe refers to not one, but seven different tree species within the genus Tabebuia, all of which are native to Central and South America. Also known as trumpet trees, Ipes can reach more than 100 feet high and up to 50 feet wide (at the top, with branches and leaves), and are supported by narrow trunks that are 2 to 4 feet in diameter.

You can celebrate and enjoy the look and feel of an Ipe species from Amazon in your living room, while simultaneously showing your gratitude by buying our Ipe Baseboards. Click and find the products.

2. Maple or Acer, is a genus of trees and shrubs belonging to the family Sapindaceae. The white maple is the state tree of Wisconsin, Vermont, New York and West Virginia. The maple is known for its distinctive palmate leaves and the tree can grow to heights above 100 feet.

Get a feel of the Mid-Atlantic right in your living room by installing Santa Luzia’s maple range of baseboards and at the same time boast of contributing to nature! Click and find the products.

3. Ebony is a dense black hardwood, most commonly yielded by several different species in the genus Diospyros, which also contains the persimmons. Ebony is dense enough to sink in water. It is finely-textured and has a very smooth finish when polished, making it valuable as an ornamental wood. The word ebony comes from the Ancient Egyptian hbny, through the Ancient Greek ἔβενος (ébenos), into Latin and Middle English.

You can feel like a Pharaoh by decorating your living room with the looks of this ancient tree by buying ebony baseboards from Santa Luzia. What is more, you will also be a just Pharaoh - you would have saved the tree by buying our polystyrene moldings. Browse the product here.

4. Dipteryx odorata or commonly known as cumaru or kumaru is a flowering tree and a member of the pea family, Fabaceae. Being a native to Central America and northern South America, this tree is unique for its tonka beans. The tree grows up to 25-30 metres and blossoms out beautiful pink flowers.

Connect with the positive energy and wellness of the Cumaru tree without deforestation by switching to Santa Luzia’s eco-friendly baseboards. Browse the product here.

5. Patina is the weathered or tarnished finish on an item. Antique objects look special because of the layer of patina. Interior decorators, architects, sculptors, furniture makers, etc often incorporate the patina look on even modern objects to give the look of an antique. Santa Luzia has developed a unique white patina look to provide the antique touch to its mouldings which many of our customers with classic taste appreciate.

Are you passionate about getting an antique look in your interior décor projects complementing your laminate flooring? Get to experience it by switching to Santa Luzia’s patina range of baseboards. Browse the product here.