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Santa Luzia Mouldings: Best Choice for Bathrooms

Choosing mouldings and baseboards for bathrooms is different from choosing baseboards in other parts of the house. Water is prevalent in bathrooms and can ruin traditional wooden mouldings. Considering that, let’s look at why Santa Luzia’s Polystyrene Mouldings are the best choice for you.

Bathroom Flooring

First let’s look at the challenges of installing flooring in the bathroom. Carpet and hardwood, great choices for the living room, are bad choices for the bathroom. The amount of care required for these is excessive.

Ceramic tiles and Vinyl are the best types of bathroom flooring. Stone flooring is good if you can afford it. Engineered wood and Laminate are better than hardwood and carpet, but not as practical as Ceramic tiles and Vinyl.

What flooring are you planning to use in your bathroom?

Santa Luzia and Ceramic Tile Flooring

Santa Luzia comes from Brazil, which consumes 3 times as much tile flooring as the United States. As a proportion of flooring choices, ceramic tiles constitute about 80% of Brazilian flooring. Therefore, operating in a tile intensive market, Santa Luzia is optimized for tile flooring.

Here are some of the reasons why Santa Luzia Polystyrene mouldings make sense for a Ceramic Tile Floor:

  1. Washability: Similar to ceramic tiles, Polystyrene baseboards and mouldings are washable. Moisture from the bathroom is not a challenge for polystyrene as it is for MDF and Wood moulding.
  2. Color combinations: Our moldings and baseboards come in many colors, are pre-painted and do not need additional painting. From an aesthetic viewpoint, Santa Luzia mouldings offer greater color choices than wood, MDF or Vinyl Mouldings.
  3. Seamless versus Tiled Contrast: Some designers prefer a tile based moulding, using tiles themselves as moulding material. While tiles are great, they offer a checkered floor appearance, contrasting against the smooth wall. Polystyrene baseboards or mouldings provide a more seamless look and contrast.

Santa Luzia and Vinyl Sheet Flooring

  • Vinyl Sheet flooring requires a finished moulding at the ends and needs to be secured and stretched to avoid wear and tear.
  • While wood and MDF can provide the rigidity required to secure vinyl, they are not moisture-proof. The advantage of vinyl flooring is its washability. Choosing a baseboard or transition moulding that can be damaged by moisture would nullify that advantage.
  • While vinyl or rubber wall bases are moisture proof, they do not have the structural rigidity required to hold the vinyl sheet in place.
  • However, Polystyrene, being fully recyclable, is a superior sustainable alternative and has a rigid structure.
  • Santa Luzia and Engineered wood or Laminate Flooring

    While engineered wood or laminate flooring are better than carpet and hardwood flooring, they are not as water-proof as Vinyl and Ceramic. Both these floors are used in bathrooms for providing a wood like look.

    Santa Luzia has some great options to help you with the wood like look- the key driver behind Engineered wood or laminate flooring usage in bathrooms.

    Please click here for looking at some of our wood like finishes. They are 100% water-proof and thus an ideal product to use in the bath room.

    Hardwood or Carpet

    Do you still want to install waterproof hardwood or carpet flooring in your bathroom? Even then Santa Luzia offers some unique advantages:

    Steam impacts those areas that cannot be covered by carpets: mouldings and baseboards. You may also bump vacuum cleaners on a carpeted floor into baseboards, causing wear and tear.

    Santa Luzia baseboards are low maintenance, not impacted by steam, and do not chip with impact of vacuum cleaners. They come in multiple colors, enhancing the look of a bathroom.

    Door Casings in Bathrooms

    One of the key challenges of bathrooms is door casings. Typical door trim, also known as casing, is 1/2-inch thick and 2 1/4-inches wide. It has one thick edge tapered to a thinner side. It is also used for baseboard and window trim.

    Most bathrooms use wood or MDF for trims. Some use vinyl casing. But there is no better choice than polystyrene trims from Santa Luzia.

    Many bathrooms have a shower door and a main door. Even if a shower door prevents moisture from spilling over, steam will escape and affect the main door and its casing. Vinyl frames are flexible and look rubbery. Polystyrene is durable, possesses wood like rigidity, and is long lasting.

    Check out some great installations of our bathroom casings.

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