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Santa Luzia Mouldings: The Living Room

The Living room is the heart of a residential construction and no stone should be left unturned in making it the best possible. Mouldings from Santa Luzia can be of great help in making your living room sparkle.

1. We have the best colors

Our Pre-painted Moldings have a wide variety of colors that combine with multiple design elements for your living room.

Our baseboards of glacial grey and titanium grey follow the trends of using cement tones in decorating a living room. Cement tones are best used when you want to add a touch of modernity to the environment. Taking advantage of the cement tones, the decorations in the room can be restyled to gray or graphite.

Glacial and Titanium Grey go well with them because they are the two shades of zinc that have closest resemblance with the colors of cement.

Rust colored baseboards go very well with the use of steel in decorative themes. Steel is used because it is a versatile and sturdy material that brings a sophisticated air and an industrial touch to decorated spaces. With a rustic look, the material draws attention through the colors it acquires over time, ranging from red and orange to brown and carmine.

Glacial and Titanium Grey go well with them as they are nuetral colors that help create a vivid industrial atmosphere.

The black baseboards can combine very well with wooden and porcelain floors and is a classic design element that never goes out of fashion.

Explore more of our colored moldings in our special section on pre-painted mouldings.

2. We have a wide variety of dimensions that allow you great flexibility when designing your living room

a.Tall baseboards:

Tall baseboards have an important role in making furniture stand out in the living room. They create a frame like effect around furniture as you can see from this photo.

Tall ceilings also call for tall baseboards. Baseboards that have heights taller than ten inches could reduce the distance of an imposing ceiling creating a comfy atmosphere in your living room. If your ceilings are shorter, do not use boards taller than 20 cm.

b.Thicker baseboards:

Depending on temperature swings, floors expand and contract. In such conditions the space usually left between the wall and the floor is quite large.

Take a look at our dedicated page for extra-large moldings.

3. We complement our baseboards with various types of moldings

We carry in our product portfolio, a variety of moldings - Crown Moldings , Wainscot, Chair Rails, Rosettes and Plinth Blocks

a.Crown Moldings

Crown molding is a very inexpensive way to make any room in your home look luxurious and add some serious style. Crown Molding can add dollars when an appraiser walks through your house — but only if the crown molding is done correctly and tastefully. You can put crown molding in almost any room, as long as it's appropriate to the space, but in a living room, which has the highest index of display value in the interior of a house, crown molding is a very natural element. Santa Luzia has several crown molding options for you to consider. Here are some additional issues to keep in mind when installing crown moldings:

  1. Crown molding is tricky because it requires complex miter cuts and has to fit neatly where the wall meets the ceiling. Crown molding that is not flush with the wall and ceiling or has gaps at the corners looks sloppy and won't add value. Check out some of our installation videos.
  2. Use the right size. Crown molding comes in widths from about 1 1/2 inches to 6 or 8 inches wide, and in a variety of shapes and patterns. Don't put a wide 6- or 8- inch molding in a tiny room or a 2-inch trim molding in a large living area. Use a simple molding in a small area or a plain bedroom; feel free to experiment with a more complex shape in a larger dining or living room. Also note: Crown molding works best in rooms with high ceilings. Consult our in-house architect for determining the right size.
  3. Paint the molding in a contrasting color so it stands apart from the rest of the room. It's generally best to keep colors subdued and basic when trying to sell a house, but painting the molding even a slightly different tone will make it stand out. White is a common color choice that fits with almost any decor but contrasts nicely with beige- or sand- colored walls. Check out some of the variety of products we have.

b.Chair Rails:

We have a special page for Chair Rails. Please click here to open it in a new tab.

c. Wainscot Moldings:

We have a special page for Wainscot. Please click here to open it in a new tab.

d.Plinth Blocks and Rosettes:

A Plinth Block is a base of your door trim or pilaster or a pillar. It is usually utilized as a finishing element, placed between a baseboard and a lining, it should be heavier than both of these. Here are some typical usage of Plinth Blocks.

A Rosette is a finishing element between two trims. It gives a more classic air to the environment, it should be used along with the plinth blocks, to compose with harmony. Here are some typical applications of a Rosette.

4. We work with you to help you with design ideas

Our in-company designers will be happy to work with you over email, to suggest design ideas. This is a free service we offer to our valued customers such as yourself. Click here. Why does this make sense for you? A remodeler who is able to add design to his services is able to improve their profitability. A recent National Association of Home Builders conference tells us that remodeling firms that bundle design services are more profitable.

5. We work with a wide range of wall coverings

When it comes to living rooms, wall coverings are a major component as well. We have experience in working with several different types of wall coverings and have something to offer in each one of them.

a.Wall Paper: Why is Santa Luzia the best baseboard to use with Wall Papers?

One of the worst things that can happen when you use wall papers is moisture from the floor creeping up through the molding. Since we are water proof, we protect the wall paper. We insulate it from any moisture on the floor.

See some of the photos of Santa Luzia moldings together with a wall with wall paper.

b.Paint: Why is Santa Luzia the best baseboard to use with Painted walls?

Using wooden baseboards with painted walls is a constant dilemma - Should we paint the trim first or the wall first? Walls require less skill and care than trim work. Walls are primarily rolled, while trim is exclusively brushed and can really look bad if someone slops the paint on, muddling the details and leaving permanent funky brush strokes. That is an argument to paint the wall first and finish with the trim painting.

Many home painters say that it is easier to paint the trim first, since you can do it quickly and not worry about "coloring outside the lines". When you paint the walls afterwards, you will simply paint over the mis-applied spots. The careful cutting-in will be done in this second stage, when you can get clean lines and protect your painted trim with painter's tape.

But hey, wait, we save you from all these confusions. As Santa Luzia Mouldings come pre-painted. And if you still want to paint the wall with a color of your choice, you could do so with the help of an additional coating on top.

c.Wall Panels: Why is Santa Luzia the best baseboard to use with Wall Panels?

Decorative wall panels can help hide faulty walls and make a room look elegant. They can be an affordable way to add style while covering up walls that you don't want people to see. The fact that they're lightweight and easy to install makes them very popular. However, there are other benefits and uses for the panels that you may have not even thought about.

If you want to make a particular room in your home less noisy, than a decorative wall panel is a great choice. You can use decorative wall panels to add dimensions to a room or fixture. Another use of decorative wall panels that gets overlooked, is to reinforce walls. If you have older walls that requires some reinforcement, then wall panels are a great option.

Santa Luzia has several models of baseboard, you can combine them with different models of Wall Panels or even mount Wall Panels with profiles of Santa Luzia.

Please answer some questions and send us your feedback

1. What is the color of your living room baseboards?

2. Are your baseboards complemented with crown moldings and chair rails?

3. Could your living room be made to look grander with more sophisticated designs?

4. Do you think Santa Luzia products are a good match for your needs?