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Thinking about In-store Branding? Have you tried colours?

Colours are visual elements of branding that evoke emotions and have a psychological impact on your customers. At the same time, it is interesting to note that colours increase your brand recognition by up to 80%. It was found that 60% of US millennials expect consistent colour experiences when dealing with in-store brands.

These leading brands use these colors identified with their brand extensively. Let us see if you can guess the brands.

Click on them to find out!

In-store branding is an important component of brick and mortar stores. We have an innovative way to do in-store branding through either colour schemes or logos.

Why are brick and mortar stores still relevant?:

Even though the major part of retail landscape has become e-commerce, physical stores are still relevant. Footfall traffic for the retailers makes it easier to convert a customer. This is one reason that physical retail chains such as Kohl’s have tied up with Amazon to do returns processing at low incremental cost. According to the National Retail Federation, 73% of shoppers visit a shop with an intent to buy something while it was just 54% for online.

For the customers, the reasons could include ability to do impulse purchases, convenience in returns, and perceived safety of personal information. One of the most important reason being – the multisensory feeling one gets when he walks through a physical store which is very difficult to replicate online. 82% of Millennials, who are known to prefer experiences over goods, as a customer segment feel it’s important for a brand to have a physical store.

Consumers enjoy the overall experience of shopping in a physical store which includes the lighting, music, colour scheme of stores, engagement with staffs, the touch and feel of products and the luxury to try on products you like. Brand communication or coherence through in-store branding is part of the overall shopping experience.

Different ways to do in-store branding:

Brand identity is become increasingly important in today’s retail world. Customers who are loyal to brands buy 10x more. In brick-and-mortar shops incorporating the branding into the customers’ shopping experience by in-store branding strengthens the brand identity.

Here are the elements of in-store branding which people look out for:

  • Consistency in elements of marketing.
  • Signages – includes store name at entrance as well as window displays.
  • Your logo – element which embodies your brand identity.
  • Store color scheme
  • Store ambience – music, lighting and scent.
  • Sales associates including appearance, the way they speak, etc.

All of this could be reflected on the walls, the floors, the exterior, the uniforms of sales associates, the packaging materials used for goods and so many other ways. Here we present you one another way to enhance your in-store branding through trims, moldings and wall hangers.

Santa Luzia’s innovative solution for in-store branding:

Santa Luzia offers its first in class custom printed polystyrene-based baseboards to enhance retail branding. These baseboards are specially focussed to promote your identity by the use of two elements – your logo, and your colour scheme.

Enriching customer experience with logo-boards:

Though technology may have changed the aspects of brand experience, your logo still stays relevant as the most important visual element of your identity. It speaks of your product, service and values that you pledge to offer and is the first thing that strikes in a customer’s mind when heard of your brand.

For instance, 96% of American shoppers recognize the Target retails by its logo – the red bullseye.

At Santa Luzia, we help to improve your customer in-store engagement by offering customized trims that carry your logo.

Please note that in a wood/MDF trim, pre-printing of logos is not possible. But, our trims, made of polystyrene, are well suited for printing your logos on.

Here are a few of our design ideas.

In-store branding with Santa Luzia’s pre-painted baseboards:

Colors are visual elements of branding that evoke emotions and have a psychological impact on your customers. At the same time, it is interesting to note that colors increase your brand recogniton by up to 80%. It was found that 60% of US millenials expect consistent experiences when dealing with in-store brands.

With Santa Luzia’s colored baseboards, choose the right color to express your identity and impress your consumers. Being an element of interior décor, baseboards and trims indeed guarantee you a chance to improve customer in-store experience by improving the consistency of branding in your stores.

Browse some of our products to see how we fit in to your corporate branding.

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