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Dogs love our baseboards and so do their owners

Dogs are great companions, but do they make your homes dirty?

Dogs and puppies are lovable and make us cheerful. But it is no secret that dogs can make housekeeping a more difficult task. Just like some dogs enjoy playing in the garden, some also enjoy getting dirty. Once in the garden, they even dig tunnels to hide their prized possessions. And eventually, dogs do track dirt inside your homes. It is very c0mmon in houses to see the foot-prints of your four-legged companion everywhere including floors, walls and even sidings.

Over time, the accumulation of dirt in spaces between the wall sidings may invite growth of mould/fungi. People usually find it difficult to clean trims such as baseboards because the traditional wood/MDF baseboards aren’t waterproof and may yield to water degradation and usually require special cleaning fluids. Also, the wood/MDF trims are prone to getting stained and hence require replacement on a frequent note.

Santa Luzia’s premium baseboards - a unique solution

Santa Luzia, a green buildings/interior décor market leader, provides you with its first in class recycled polystyrene based baseboards. Here are some features that makes Santa Luzia baseboards superior to its wood/MDF counterparts:


With 0% cellulose content, our trims are completely termite-proof.


Being 100% waterproof, cleaning trims is easier as you can wipe of dirt and stain using water.

Santa Luzia’s trims, made from recycled polystyrene, are DIY friendly and gives you savings up to 50% on installation costs. Our trims, not only look and feel like wood, but are also equally strong as wooden trims. It is to be noted that wood/MDF trims lose strength upon interaction with water.

Our baseboards are 4x more durable compared to wood and also the paint lasts 1.4x more on polystyrene compared to wood. They are available in pre-painted state in different colours. This allows you to choose colours based on your home interiors.

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