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Wainscot-Boiserie (Special Order) -


Wainscot 35 7/16" x 23 5/8"

Use these simple, pre-made, one piece, panel frame sections, wainscoting/boiserie 35 7/16" x 23 5/8", to add elegance and to enhance the beauty of any room.

Datasheet - Wainscot 35 7/16" x 23 5/8"

Size: 35 7/16" x 23 5/8"
Color: White

Easy Installation:
1. Pencil mark the wall the desired height of where you want the Wainscot to be located. Using a level and chalk line, mark the wall for a consistent height around the room.
2. Decide on your desired width between panels. Using your tape measure, indicate where you want each panel to sit. The spacing between panels can be 3". to 6". depending on individual taste, as well as the number of panels being used.
3. Use the panel size of your choice and paste it to the predetermined position (use double sided tape and/or silicone and cover holes with latex filler).
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