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Sustainable Mouldings and Trims that make business sense for the remodeling contractor

Remodelers are the heart and soul of an interior decoration accessory company such as Santa Luzia. In addition to presenting compelling reasons why our products add a lot of value for our remodeler customers, we have an attractive services package for our Remodeling partners.

Compelling reasons why our product serves your business priorities:

Santa Luzia's sturdy yet light-weight products are known for their ease of installation. Nails are not the only way to get our products installed, in fact we suggest glue as a better alternative. We discuss here in a blog article why glues work better than nails. Escape from splintering is just one of the reasons.

With our 0% wood, eco-friendly products, there is no problem of expansion and contraction either. Just make sure that you run the saw quickly and precisely as the cutting is going to be much smoother than it generally is in the case of wood moldings.

Santa Luzia offers several unique colors and sizes of base and crown moldings, trims, baseboards and casings. We compare very favorably with wood in visual appeal and bring all the utilitarian benefits of plastic without compromising on finish and texture. Here is a link to our product portfolio which is searchable through colors and dimensions.

A recent Harvard study talks about the increasing importance of green in remodeling projects by home owners. 50% of home owners prefer installing recycled, sustainable building materials as part of their remodeling projects. In fact the coastal cities where per capita remodeling spend is the highest is also where the green conscience is generally higher. We are the only moulding company that makes products entirely made from recycled plastics. Unlike PVC, the dominant mode of plastic moulding in use, we are recyclable and do not degrade air quality within your home. Our VoC index scores are among the lowest.

Our trims, mouldings and baseboards are easy to clean, do not get damaged by chemicals used in floor cleaning, withstand impact of vacuum cleaners better than wood, do not chip, rot or serve as a platform for critter. They are moisture proof and can be used in bathrooms, steam shower areas, laundry rooms, basements etc. as well as living rooms. In flood prone states, it is a great product to install. It does not expand in the extreme heat and so is suited to states which experience extreme temperature swings. It is termite proof and works well in the states with high incidence of termites.

We have invested a lot in developing specific molding features that go well with specific floor and wall combinations. For instance for tall ceilings we recommend taller baseboards and we carry baseboards up to 9 13/16 inches in height. Our baseboards work very well with washable floors such as Ceramic and Vinyl floors, they too are washable. Especially for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, we carry color combinations that combine and contrast with the vinyl flooring colors popularly in use. For hardwood and Laminate flooring, we carry moldings and trims with wood like finish that look similar but carry the additional advantage of being maintenance free.

Here is a chart showing the most common type of remolding projects in the United States according to a recent study by Harvard Center for Housing.

In many of these categories changing molds and trims and baseboards are high impact component. For their cost and time spent, a good molding/ trim solution can significantly increase the visual appeal of a home. A typical molding costs 5% of the room additions or alterations, according to HomeAdvisor, and can significantly alter the way the room looks. Independent of the budget of an individual home owner, moldings and trims are almost always affordable.

Santa Luzia products and solutions offer a very cost effective and revenue enhancing way to provide high quality trims and molds to your home owner customer.

Here are a few ideas and inspirations for some of the common remodeling projects.

A kitchen is a place where often there is spillage, moisture, steam and all kinds of ways to stain molding and trim. Santa Luzia trim is washable and is moisture proof and does not expand with temperature increases. It is always a great addition to a typical kitchen remodeling project.

This is a place where Santa Luzia baseboards and molding fits right in. Bathrooms see more water and steam (if your client has a steam shower) than any other room in the house. Santa Luzia baseboards are durable, water resistant and can fit in with any design since we have a lot of options of colors and textures. Also, if the mop hits it, it won't scratch or discolor or warp the way that wood will. If your bathroom ever floods, you'll be grateful for having a Santa Luzia baseboard!

The value proposition is very strong vis a vis a MDF moulding / or door casing especially if it is close to the shower or the bathtub – if it gets wet once and your client doesn't notice it will swell up.

The other alternative people use is tile. However tile will work out to be more expensive also because tile laying is lot more specialized and takes more time. Besides getting a seamless single layer without breaks is not easy with tiles. Tiles also work badly with floorings such as vinyl, the baseboard could work out to be very expensive versus the flooring.

So whenever you do a bath remodeling project, your customers will appreciate if you go with Santa Luzia.

Santa Luzia products could be a great accessory in many rooms, but have specific competitive advantages in the laundry room and basement. Baseboards, also called floor trim or base, offers drywall some protection from floor-level dents and dings, but the main purpose of baseboard is to conceal the gap between the edge of the flooring and the wall. In a typical basement, moisture levels are higher than in a room’s above-grade, so Santa Luzia outperforms its competitors. It is better than vinyl, which is not as rigid and does not offer enough visually appealing options, especially if your client wishes to make the basement also his office/or a recreational area.

The cool thing about Santa Luzia products is it is a credible and often a superior alternative even for the most visual part of the home- the living room. Here the strengths of Santa Luzia are its vibrant colors and ease of maintenance and zero tendency to chip or warp. It is also convenient to install.

Many interior replacement projects involve flooring/ paneling and ceiling changes. Santa Luzia has the perfect products for all floor/ ceiling combinations.

Most common disasters involves some form of water damage. Santa Luzia is clearly a great choice for any disaster repair. The customer will think of you as a long term partner, when you recommend Santa Luzia, since you are not just fixing their current problem but helping them to avoid water damage to moldings in the future.