Services Package for Remodelers

Meet our attractive services package for our Remodeling partners.

  • Generous return policy:

    We pick up returns from your home address or work address, no questions asked.

  • Trade discounts:

    If you are a registered remodeler with us who prefers a direct supply/ pick up and will buy a certain annual volume we offer special trade discounts. Sign up here.

  • Installation Training:

    We provide extensive in presence installation training and technical support for your professionals in addition to our extensive YouTube based resources.

  • Additional Warranty:

    For purchases made through our registered remodeling partners, Santa Luzia offers an additional 5 years warranty in addition to 25 years we offer in normal channels. Check our warranty policy here.

What do you need to do to avail yourself of our attractive services package?

  • Sign up on our web page.

  • Schedule a Skype video call/ Phone call / WhatsApp call for 15 minutes with Nathalia, our remodeler relationship manager based in Miami, Florida, to evaluate what specific needs of yours we can serve best, click here.

  • Agree on a minimum purchase value of USD 5000 per year and meet annual value commitment.

Design Assistance

A remodeler who is able to add design to his services is able to improve their profitability.

A recent National Association of Home Builders shows that remodeling firms that bundle design services are more profitable.

When it comes to interior re-modeling, up to 2/3 of customers worry about flooring and walls and about 30% worry about selecting the right molding.

Our in-house designers will work with you through an email interaction/ Skype call to help you select appropriate molding for multiple design contexts.

Schedule a call with some of our in-house designers by filling up the Contact Us form.